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Episode 1 Episode 1 Brandi questions whether to return to LA. Jackie, who's husband is offered a new job, must decide if she can manage being alone.

Watch “Basketball Wives L.A.” Season 5 Episode 14

Angel Brinks and Malaysia have drama over their dress-related beef. Tami Roman is in town with the hopes of having a baby. Episode 2 Episode 2 Brandi throws a Welcome to L. Brandi's ex Jason returns hoping to rekindle their relationship, but Brandi is not ready.

Basketball Wives LA TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes and More

Jackie surprises Doug with a downtown condo. Episode 3 Episode 3 Brandi must defend Malaysia's behavior to "sister" Duffey. Malaysia and Angel Brinks attempt to put their feud to rest.

Angel Brinks holds a launch party for her clothing line, but drama between Brandi and Angel Love threatens to derail the event.

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Episode 4 Episode 4 Brandi goes off on Angel Love for voicing her opinion. When Malaysia defends her bestie Brandi, Duffey's opinion about Malaysia changes for the better.

Jackie convinces Shaunie and Brandi to hash out their problems and it turns into a showdown. Shaunie and Brandi let bygones be bygones.

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Angel Brinks's relationship with her baby daddy is called into question. Angel Love comes at Malaysia for rolling up on her at Brinks's party.

Duffey offers to direct a music video for Tami's daughter Jazz. Jackie tries to broker peace between Duffey and Love but makes matter worse. Episode 7 Episode 7 Angel Brinks plans her clothing line anniversary party but it turns into a circus.

Tami and Duffey collaborate on Jazz's music video but their visions don't match. Doug breaks the news to Jackie that he is taking a coaching position.

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Episode 8 Episode 8 Angel Brinks hosts a star-studded event to celebrate the anniversary of her clothing company but Jackie's erratic behavior makes it a night to remember. Tami and Reggie visit a fertility doctor, and Jackie seeks the advice of an energy healer.

Tami confronts Duffey about her daughter's music video and makes a drastic decision. Episode 10 Episode 10 Tami fires Duffey from her daughter's music video.

Tami hustles to finish her daughter's music video in time for the release party. Episode 11 Episode 11 Tami gets some scandalous information from a friend. Jackie is willing to try anything to lose weight in order to keep Doug interested. At Tami's daughter's video release party, Angel Brinks gets blindsided and Jackie finds herself in the line of fire.

Episode 12 Episode 12 Jackie asks Malaysia to be by her side during a very personal weight loss procedure. Duffey apologizes to Tami's daughter in an attempt to make things right with Tami.

Basketball Wives LA: Season 6 Episode 4 Official Watch Thread (7pm EST)

Doug takes Jackie on a romantic date and reveals a huge surprise. Episode 13 Episode 13 As the ladies all prepare for their trip to Portugal, Malaysia attempts to broker a peace between Tami and Duffey.

Soon after her arrival, Duffey has second thoughts about her decision to come on the trip. Episode 14 Episode 14 The ladies explore Portugal and try to relax, but the tension between Duffey and Tami has everyone on edge. Jackie fears the worst when she can't get ahold of Doug.

Tami finally confronts Duffey in an explosive showdown. Episode 15 Episode 15 After Tami and Duffey fight, Jackie must decide which one of them can stay with the group and which one must return home.

The results of a pregnancy test threaten to change everything for Tami. Doug surprises Jackie with a dream wedding in Portugal. Episode 16 Reunion The ladies reunite on stage to take you inside the drama from the season.

Tami and Duffey come face to face for the first time since their battle in Portugal. Angel Love and Brandi face off in an explosive argument.

  • Season 5 16 full episodes Episode 16 - Reunion 3 years ago Tami and Duffey get together for the first time since their rooftop struggle; Jackie tries to defend her actions; and Angel Love and Brandi duel. Later, Shaunie makes an announcement about her romantic future.
  • By Pippa Raga 2 months ago Honestly, now that Tami Roman has confirmed she's stepping away from Basketball Wives , we're not sure we're even interested in watching any more of the show. But considering that Season 8 of the show that centers around the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of professional basketball players is coming to a close, we wonder whether Basketball Wives is canceled following Tami's departure, or whether it will live to see another day.
  • If you think the antique business is all about upscale boutiques and buttoned-up dealers, this show may change your mind - and teach you a thing or two about American American Pickers Season 8 Episode 4: The Big Bet Summary: It's Frank vs.
  • My Cart Power season 6 episode 9 Adams as two lawyers who, between the two of them, only have one degree.
  • Season 8 premieres at 8 p. The episode season will obviously welcome its series veterans back into the fold, but a fresh newcomer to the group will also be around to shake things up.
  • The love story begins at a patisserie in Berlin and move to Istanbul. While they are both.

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