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Friday, January 3, 2020 12:57:11 AM

Quidditch Live Streaming uidditch is a fairly new sport that has it's basis in the Harry Potter novels! It combines elements of lacrosse, dodgeball, and rugby into a high energy, all inclusive contact sport. This year vMix was used to produce a multi-cam live stream for the US Nationals.

Intel® True View

When you create a live show, you pull together many sources, make choices, react to changes, and generate an experience in real time. The classical way to achieve this is to put bodies to boxes: one human for every hunk of hardware.

Cue and scrub slowmo replays with a fingertip.

Virginia vs Auburn Full Game

Run your pre-made segments, switch cameras and mix graphics, and step through your rundown — all with a simple, intuitive, easy-to-learn touchscreen interface. This is what SimplyLive enables you to do — with our ViBox platform.

ViBox clears away the minefield of physical buttons, sliders and faders, so the only hardware you need to touch is your screen. You create your shows intuitively and responsively. We eliminate the tech hurdles — and much of the cost.

National Basketball League

When the hardware gets out of your way, you can tell your story more easily. As live production moves into the all-digital universe, some tech providers make their tools so feature-rich that they overwhelm the machines they run on.

And it's not what we do.

University of North Carolina Athletics

The minds at SimplyLive are not new to the live production industry. Our founders created products supporting the most demanding televised events, like the World Cup, Super Bowl and Olympics. We understand television. Welcome to ViBox.

College Basketball Archives

Multi-camera production, re-imagined. ViBox is a software-driven live production platform running on a common back end, using rock solid commodity hardware. Different ViBox application layers float on top, tuned to the tasks you need to do.

Watch Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Virginia Cavaliers College Basketball Live

This enables you to control everything about a show from a single touchscreen interface: live switching cameras and video sources, cueing and scrubbing slowmo replays, controlling audio, and adding graphics. All on one screen.

NCAA Basketball Live Stream

Separate applications support individual tasks like slow motion replay, master recording, streaming and even referee-review. This platform flexibility lets you add personnel to cover large events — or shrink it to a one-operator show, as needed.

SimplyNews Would you like more info? How much power do you need? You can use ViBox simply as a slowmo replay system, a master recorder, a live streaming output — or, as total production control for multi-source video and audio.

Are you just live-streaming online with p content at standard frame rates? Or are you sending 4K at 60p with extensive super slowmo?

  • Big Ten Network
  • March Madness Live
  • Watch the NBA Finals on the ABC App

Since everything about the ViBox platform is modular, you can always step up your game later on.

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