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Saturday, January 4, 2020 7:22:15 PM

Reinsch joins the Patriots with 18 years of athletics administration experience, most recently at his alma mater, Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California. Reinsch served as the Assistant SID from before taking over the department from Reinsch was an adjunct professor at APU during the year.

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Our fans are going to see an even closer-knit team," head coach Felecia Mulkey said. You hope that your team rises to the occasion, so you want to compete against an APU and an Oregon - teams that are really established.

We want to try to break 2, for attendance and bring everyone out that we possibly can.

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BU opened up the season with a win at home in a tri meet versus Quinnipiac and Concordia University Wisconsin. Even though the Bears are for the first time in program history, the team is still making changes to challenge themselves to grow.

We definitely haven't peaked yet, and I don't think we will peak against Azusa Pacific because we still have room for growth. You're going to see some new skills from Shayla Kelley and Keegan Johnson , who has worked her way into the tumbling event.

She is an amazing tumbler, but hasn't been in an event pass for a few meets. She's really worked her way back up.

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Amanda Graceffa and Alyson Johnson have upgraded their tumbling passes also. So it is very hard to narrow down who is coming into their own because everyone on this team has improved.

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In some way, shape or form. The Cougars then traveled to Eugene, Ore. They're one of those teams where if you've watched them, they've improved every single meet. We have as well, but they are not going to be someone we overlook even though we beat them," Mulkey said.

We're doing a different pyramid in one of the heats than what was seen last time we were home. We cleaned it up a little bit since we lost some points at APU in the pyramid event.

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We upgraded some tumbling passes and worked on synchronization to get us some more points. We have improved in some of our compulsory events where we lost some key points at APU and Oregon. I hoping that our fans will see a stronger first half team against APU than we put out the first time we saw them.

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